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Attend a next-level student hackathon at Celje Fair on October 26th and 27th! Join hundreds of technology enthusiasts, connect with other innovative people, share your great ideas, create inspiring problem-solving software and hardware solutions and win amazing prizes!

What is a hackathon?

It is a fun event dedicated to developing problem-based innovative business solutions, aimed to educate and network the attendees and sponsors, but also provide a petri dish in which startups are made. It is a valuable opportunity for companies to meet and attract quality new talent on one end, and talent to get to know their potential employers.

Where? 40 minutes from Maribor and Ljubljana. What else? A wide array of fun activities. Sounds awesome? Sign up now!

Recap video of the last EPICENTER

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Why attend?

EPICHACK is taking place as a part of Telemach EPICENTER 20, which is the largest and longest-running Slovenian gaming festival, each visited by 450 gamers and thousands of visitors.

Experience esports tournaments with 10.000€ in prizing, a fun lanparty, sit down in front of massive projection screens to watch event livestreams, take part in sports challenges, listen to roundtable discussions, attend workshops and presentations, enjoy live music performances, try out the latest AAA game demo booths, give feedback at indie developer booths and test out the newest gear at technology expo.


Challenges and prizes to be announced on October 1st 2019.

Have a question?

EPICENTER started out as a small lanparty and is today the largest and longest running gaming event in the region – now with its expansion with a hackathon and gamejam, it is set to become the largest technology festival in the country.

You can sign up by choosing the desired ticket (and options, if applies) in our webstore, which guides you through the whole process – entering your data, choosing the payment method and processing the payment through our processor Mollie. The webstore is available at the link below:  http://spid.si/shop

As long as you are a student (be it primary school, high school or university)  and you are interested by hackathons, we will be happy to accept you to the event. The only requirement is a valid Student ID card or a certificate of enrollment at an educational program, which can be provided to you by the school administration.

If you are from Slovenia and studying in Slovenia, just visiting Slovenia, a part of an exchange program, or want to come just to attend our event from abroad – we will be happy to welcome you, if you are an active student at any school or university.

The maximum number of students per team is 4.

Don’t let that stop you. A lot of other students will come on their own as well. After the opening ceremony we will have team formations for everyone who doesn’t have a team.

You should definitely still attend, whether you’ve written tons of code or not a single line. We’re a very welcoming community and we encourage you to give it a try!

Yes. You can also always look at local hostels/hotels in the area to ensure a comfortable sleep. If resting at the venue, do not forget to bring a pillow and/or sleeping bag though.

Yes. There will be a lot of different challenges and thanks to our sponsors the winners or winning teams of each challenge will receive a prize.

No. Due to the GDPR regulation on personal data and privacy, each attendee has to sign up and accept our terms and conditions, privacy policy and other conditions of event attendance himself. This is the reason the webstore does not allow you to add more than one ticket of the same type in your basket. We apologize for the inconvenience.

You can pay for the signup fee with a variety of payment platforms (PayPal, Credit cards, Paysafecard, SEPA bank transfer, etc.) and in a variety of currencies. When completing the order, you will be redirected to our payment processor Mollie where you will be able to complete the purchase.

The signup fee can not be paid at the venue itself. Please see the list of the available payment methods at the question “How can I pay the signup fee?”

We do not return payments, except in the case that the event as a whole is cancelled, or as defined in the general terms and conditions of event attendance, which are agreed by every attendee when signing up.

Vstopnina za Telemach EPICENTER 19 znaša 2€ na obiskovalca, ki omogoča neomejen vstop na prizorišče za čas trajanja dogodka. Vstopnina je potrebna zaradi velikega števila ljudi in zagotavljanja varnosti tako igralcev, kot obiskovalcev.

Ko pridete na dogodek, se najprej zglasite pri informacijskem pultu, da opravite check-in, kjer preverimo, ali ste poravnali prijavnino, potem pa vas naša ekipa usmeri, kje lahko odložite svojo opremo in vam pomaga pri priklapljanju računalnikov.

When you arrive at the venue, look for an information desk to go through the check-in process. There we verify that you are signed up and paid the entrance fee – then you take your place at the hackathon and the games begin following a short opening ceremony of the hackathon.

First but not least, a laptop and charger! We cannot provide computers so bring anything you’ll need to code. You can share equipment with a teammate. Here’s some other things you may want to consider: change of clothes, power extensions, any necessary adapters for connecting to HDMI or VGA screens, and plenty of enthusiasm!

The whole organisational team behind EPICENTER and EPICHACK works on the project on a volunteer basis. If you want to help out and in turn receive a memorable, fun and dynamic experience, contact our EPICHACK project lead – Tomaž Leopold ([email protected]).

or write to us by filling out the form below

Partners of EPICHACK

What ticket to choose?


Hackathon ticket
  • Attendee space with a minimum of 110x50cm desk space, one wired ethernet port and one 220V power port
  • Taking part at EPICHACK hackathon
  • Unlimited access to the venue both days of the event
  • Taking part in activities (music concerts, sports activities, booths, presentations/workshops/round-table discussions, etc.)


Visitor ticket
  • Unlimited access to the venue both days of the event
  • Taking part in activities (music concerts, sports activities, booths, presentations/workshops/round-table discussions, etc.)

Experience a next-level hackathon at the largest technology festival in Slovenia!

Za zagotavljanje boljše storitve uporabljamo pištkotke. S potrditvijo sprejemate pogoje uporabe piškotkov skladno z našo politiko upravljanja s piškotki.